toyota secondary air injection system repair
toyota secondary air injection system repair
Repairing an Air Injection System

Tundra air injection pump, is the part of the machines that makes the relationship between a man and his car, a long-term is purely needed to improve emissions -it has no impact on the core function, on the engine.

By the word of every other functioning air injection system, it injects air to the exhaust stream, heats up the catalytic converters which become more effective at scrubbing exhaust gases. Then that's it. Once catalytics are warmed up, the injection pump is no longer needed.

To be clear, injection system is a legal requirement. You are required by the law to have it.

Its anatomy mainly consists pumps and valves. The pumps to pull air from under the passenger- side and then send it to -you guessed it-the valves. That open and close sending it to the exhaust stream. Repair is there called upon, when either or both of these components, cease to be effective.

It is very necessary to understand, what is involved and what could possibly go wrong be able to neutralize the problem of how to repair it.

To ascribe to the facts of any situation is an epithet I and every other secondary air injection repair enthusiast, should live by.  Acknowledge that this air injection system is not necessary (on a non-legal perspective).Its failure simply slows down the power of your car, but it doesn't stop it.It's nothing personal, just a red flag. Look out for dealers that repair the entire system. Make no mistake, when the occasion calls for replacement of the whole system, replace the whole system. Just, look out for dealers who suggest the entire system be replaced (even if one part is faulty and can be fixed) so they can shake you down for labor cost that will be more than the cost of the parts, individually.

Determine this, before repair, and make the dealer give his word to its effect. Is the malfunction on both valves and which the designated 'smart play' is?

You deserve the discount. Discount on parts obtained. It is not just a show of good grace, but also because price for parts of the system are on a mark-up. If this is not on the cards, you could always buy your own parts. Then compensate the dealer for labor cost.The Toyota Tundra secondary Injection air system, stands out from among the other injection air systems because of an attached After Warranty Assistance. Long story short, this is your licence to ask for help from any dealer in the company. True, this is not just an olive branch, extended to any and all who steps darken the door .Through it, however, dealers cover a substantial amount of repair.